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This is a quotation on the goods named, subject to the conditions noted below:

1 – Works to be completed in timeframe later discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

2 – This quote is a preliminary quote. All works to be confirmed.

3 – Does not include making good on any damaged or altered surfaces caused by Electric Environs or any person/persons employed  Electric Environs .

4 – Any materials supplied by others to be installed by Electric Environs will not be covered by any form of warrantee by Electric Environs .

5 – This quote is not binding until signed by both parties involved.

6 – Progress payments will be invoiced at agreed stages of construction.

7 – Quote firm for 30 days.

8 – No allowances for governing body fees such as local councils.

9 – No allowances for venting to atmosphere for flues, fans or others.

10 – No after hours work included in Labour hours. After hours work will be charged at a separate rate.

11 – Quote based on timber framed Brick Veneer constructed building. Other building types and materials may require further

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